NXT Going to an “Edgier” Product?!

A week ago WWE rebooted NXT into a colorful product known as NXT 2.0. It was a throwback to WWE programming of yesteryear with many comparing it to the classic WWF Superstars of the 80’s and early 90’s.

It was a 180 from the dark, edgy classic pro wrestling presentation of the black and gold brand. Different but fun.

Now comes word that NXT might be changing again! Into a more “edgier” product…pal.

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DOC’s Diagnosis: Blame Vince McMahon for NXT’s “Failure”

What “went wrong” with NXT? Vince McMahon is what went wrong with NXT.

Let me rephrase that, Vince McMahon caring about what other wrestling companies were doing is what went wrong with NXT. 

Let me expand on that for a minute.  Vince McMahon is on the record as saying the WWE’s competition is everywhere and anywhere.  God damn pal, WWE is an entrainment company not a rasslin’ company! But that’s not true at all.  They’re a wrestling company masquerading as an entertainment company.  They always were, always will be.

So back to the original premise, Vince McMahon caring about other WRESTLING promotions and not his own brands is what went wrong for NXT. 

When the WWF was at its best, arguably the Hulkamania and the Attitude era’s, they didn’t care what anyone else was doing.  McMahon and company were so laser focused on their own brand that they didn’t care or even acknowledge what the AWA, WCCW, NWA, WCW, or whomever else was doing.  Seriously, you could watch WWF TV and not know other promotions were out there. 

But what about when WWF acknowledged WCW and the nWo?!? 

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DOC’s DIAGNOSIS: WWE is Making the Right Move with NXT

This is part I of a “Doc’s Diagnosis” triple feature on WWE’s NXT brand.

Vince McMahon and the WWE are making the right move with their “restructuring” of NXT whether you or I like it.

Let me slow it down on second, I love NXT. As a diehard ECW purist and a ROH original (before Sinclair), the NXT brand immediately produced the joy of those two brands brought me when watching a pro wrestling program. Because they were just that, pro wrestling.

And there lies the problem for Vince McMahon and WWE…they’re not a pro wrestling company. They haven’t been one since October 19, 1999. That’s the day the McMahon’s went public and became a full on entertainment brand.

So back to the original statement, Vince McMahon and the WWE are making the right move with the “restructuring” of NXT.

Why? Because they need to DEVELOP their own stars just like they did before.

Stop yelling at the screen! Yes, they did. Here are a few:

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Velveteen Dream Comments on His WWE Release

The Velveteen Dream character is one of the more interesting, controversial characters to grace the pro wrestling world in some time. Rumors swirled for the past few years about the man playing the character, Patrick Clark. His absence from WWE NXT TV was the talk of the internet wrestling community and his subsequent release had the rumor mill churning.

Clark took to his Instagram to address his character, the allegations against him, and his release from WWE.

Via Patrick Clark Instagram
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NXT Viewership Sees a Slight Gain Against NBA Play-In’s

WWE NXT saw a slight viewership gain this week against stiff competition from the NBA play-in tournament. NXT on USA drew 700,000 viewers a slight up uptick from last week according to ShowBuzz Daily. The NBA drew a massive 2.5 million from the same general audience.

NXT’s numbers have torpedoed since moving from Wednesday night to Tuesday night. The April 13 episode, the first on a Tuesday, drew 805,000 and there has been a drop since. The key demographic numbers have fallen as well from a peak of .22 to .15 in the 18-49 demo.

NXT Viewership Drops

The viewership numbers are in for this weeks edition of NXT and they’re down from the week before. NXT on USA drew 744,000 viewers, a commendable number, down nearly 100,000 from the April 20 show.

This falls inline with the current WWE trend since WrestleMania. Raw viewership has dropped and NXT has followed.

Tuesday’s show wasn’t great but it was leaps and bounds better than anything that aired on Monday Night Raw. You have to wonder if Raw is actually hurting NXT. It’s speculation but are fans so turned off by Raw that they skip out on Tuesday’s?

Ratings via ShowBuzz Daily

TV Ratings: NXT Viewership Climbs Again

NXT had another banner night on Tuesday night drawing a TV audience of 841,000 viewers according to ShowBuzz Daily.

That’s nearly a 5% increase from the previous Tuesday when NXT drew 805,000 viewers. The show drew a .23 rating in the highly coveted 18-49 demographic.

This is the third week in-a-row that NXT has seen an increase and the second week that NXT has ran unopposed on Tuesday night.

It’s clear that more WRESTLING fans are flocking to NXT on Tuesday which is a good thing for the sport.