Dana White Lashes out at “Scumbag” Media Members

Dana White grew the UFC into the sports entertainment Goliath it is by running his mouth and creating controversy. At times, there was a bit of charm to the brash White. He’s a Northeastern guy and that’s how people in that part of the States talk. What? You got a fuckin’ problem with that? See! Charm.

But over the past 4-to-5 years the act has become stale and eye roll educing. White has become another uber-rich guy who berates and belittles people simply because he can. His targets are just about anyone but usually it’s the fake news media because the media knows nothing and just stirs shit.

Sounds like a familiar, failed mantra.

White doubled down on his fury at the media on a recent edition of the Tough Business Podcast. The issue at hand was the media’s assertions that MMA fighters are DRASTICALLY underpaid.

Here’s what White had to say:

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Stipe Miocic Not the “Big Challenge” Jon Jones is Looking For

Jon Jones moved up to the heavyweight division and at some point he’s going to fight. If it were up to Dana White, and the fans, Jones would be touching gloves with heavyweight legend Stipe Miocic.

Miocic, despite wanting to regain the UFC Heavyweight strap, is in. Jones, well not so much. Miocic isn’t the “big one” that Jones wants or deserves.

At least that’s what Jones’ coach Mike Winklejohn says.

Wiklejohn appeared on Submission Radio and had the following to say about the potential bout:

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UFC Fighters to Get Health Insurance…Soon

Health insurance, more accurately protecting “contracted workers” via a variety of benefits, has long been a sore subject in the world of combat sports and professional wrestling. “Contracted workers” are often classified as “independent contractors” are exempt from mandatory benefits that companies must offer.

Think about that for a second, the guys and gals getting putting their bodies on the line don’t have mandatory benefits from the company they work for. The company that makes millions or billions of dollars off of their likeness, merchandise, athleticism, etc. It’s criminal.

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The Weigh In #2: UFC 262 Wrap Up, Dana White vs. Triller, Wilder-Fury-Joshua & More

Mike and Brett weigh in on the weekend that was in the world of combat sports!

  • 3 Up 3 Down! Who’s trending up and who’s trending down after UFC 262
  • Barboza vs. Burgos = Fight of the Year?!
  • Last word on UFC 262
  • Dana White vs. Triller
  • Boxing’s Dilemma: Wilder vs. Fury must take place!

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This Week on “The Weigh In”

This week on “The Weigh In,” Mike and Brett weigh in on the historic UFC 262 card.

  • Brett’s three trending up and three trending down
  • New UFC lightweight champion
  • What’s next for the winners and losers from Saturday night
  • Burgos vs. Barboza = Fight of the Year?!
  • Dana White vs Triller

Available Monday in the podcast feed and Thursday on Sportanarium Radio.

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Watch: Joshua Fabia Hangs Diego Sanchez Upside Down and Uses Him as a Punching Bag

Someone needs to help Diego Sanchez before it’s too late. Seriously, this is getting downright scary at this point. The video below came out of Sanchez’s “trainer” Joshua Fabia forcing Sanchez to hang upside down and take a physical beating.


Fabia, who runs the School of Self Awareness gym, slaps and kicks Sanchez upside the head…WHILE HE”S UPSIDE DOWN! But apparently it’s all part of the plan according to Fabia. At least that’s what he told Mike Swick back in March.

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Jake Paul vs MMA: Kamaru Usman Responds to Jake Paul

Welcome to the daily installment of “Jake Paul vs. MMA” here at In The Fight! We could probably make these posts an hourly thing at the rate this is going.

In case you missed it, Jake Paul has called out everyone including UFC Welterweight champ and top ranked pound-for-pound pugilist Kamaru Usman. Usman in return challenged the celebrity boxer.

Jake Paul has responded.

Paul isn’t wrong about the pay thing. It’s something we’ve discussed at length on In The Fight on Sportanarium Radio ( which you can hear right HERE every Thursday 5P/E, 10P/UK). And he’s playing the perfect heel to the MMA community considering he has to know that no star-level MMA fighter is going to box him.

Usman confirms that.

The only place Paul would get his comeuppance is in a boxing ring. He’s not a real fighter and will never enter the MMA realm.

Jake Paul Calls Out Dana White: “Seems Like You are the Real Douche!”

The war of words between members of the combat sports community, particularly MMA, and Jake Paul might be reaching critical mass. During the post UFC 261 presser Dana White was asked about Jake Paul and his boxing exploits.

“Do you know what would happen to this guy [in the UFC]? He ain’t fighting in the UFC. He’s getting handpicked opponents, and God knows what else is going on with that whole fucking thing.

There’s a market for that. That is not what I do. That’s not what I do. People want to see that, and it’s great, and this kid is going to make a couple bucks before this ride is over. It’s just not what I do. What I do happened tonight. What happened tonight is, we sold this place out and it was packed, and the numbers that you’re hearing [Triller] did, they’re full of shit. They’re full of shit, ok? They didn’t pull those numbers at all, not even fucking close.”

Dana White, UFC 261 Presser, via Yahoo Sports

Jake Paul heard White’s comments and took to Twitter to respond.

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