Dana White Lashes out at “Scumbag” Media Members

Dana White grew the UFC into the sports entertainment Goliath it is by running his mouth and creating controversy. At times, there was a bit of charm to the brash White. He’s a Northeastern guy and that’s how people in that part of the States talk. What? You got a fuckin’ problem with that? See! Charm.

But over the past 4-to-5 years the act has become stale and eye roll educing. White has become another uber-rich guy who berates and belittles people simply because he can. His targets are just about anyone but usually it’s the fake news media because the media knows nothing and just stirs shit.

Sounds like a familiar, failed mantra.

White doubled down on his fury at the media on a recent edition of the Tough Business Podcast. The issue at hand was the media’s assertions that MMA fighters are DRASTICALLY underpaid.

Here’s what White had to say:

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Jake Paul Adds to Tattoo Stipulation with Tyron Woodley

Let’s add some more drama to the Jake Paul-Tyron Woodley story shall we.

Paul and Woodley agreed that the loser of their “boxing” fight would have to get tattooed immediately following their contest in Vegas. The YouTuber went as far as to fly Tatu Baby to Vegas and positioned her ringside so the tat could be done right away. But Woodley never got inked due to the “disputed” nature of Paul’s split decision.

Woodley believes that he won the fight and thus no tattoo. He demanded an immediate rematch from Paul and Paul accepted the fight under one condition. Another tattoo, an “I love Jake Paul” tattoo. Fair enough. But Paul took to social media to move the goal posts once again.

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UFC Fighters to Get Health Insurance…Soon

Health insurance, more accurately protecting “contracted workers” via a variety of benefits, has long been a sore subject in the world of combat sports and professional wrestling. “Contracted workers” are often classified as “independent contractors” are exempt from mandatory benefits that companies must offer.

Think about that for a second, the guys and gals getting putting their bodies on the line don’t have mandatory benefits from the company they work for. The company that makes millions or billions of dollars off of their likeness, merchandise, athleticism, etc. It’s criminal.

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Tyson Fury vs. Anthony Joshua in Saudi Arabia a “done deal!”

Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua now have a date and a place to square up. SkySports is reporting the fight will take place on August 14 in Saudi Arabia in a custom built stadium.

Promoter Eddie Hearn mentioned that there were indoor options but the fighters and the Saudi’s want this to be something special.

“They want to create something very, very special. Last time they built a stadium for the Andy Ruiz Jr. fight in just seven weeks and it held 18,000. This will be a similar set up.”

Eddie Hearn via SkySports

The fight will become reportedly become official at the conclusion of the Muslim holiday Eid.

UK MMA Promoter has Same Guy Pose as Two Different Guys…

A lot to take in with that headline but that’s exactly what happened. Tapology.com manager Steven Kelliher gets the hat tip for bringing this one to light.

A promoter in the United Kingdom tried to have a fighter pose as two different guys in back-to-back fights. Got it? Just so we’re on the same page here it was the same guy, two fights, two different color shorts, two different names. It’s not uncommon for the same fighter to fight multiple times a night but this is kind of absurd. There are allegations that the fighter did the job in the fights as well whether or not the promoter knew is unknown.

UPDATE! The promoter has fired back!

The promoters name is apparently Darren Moffitt who promotes Combat Challenge MMA in Bradford, UK. He claims that the allegations are simply Americans being hateful pricks. He calls out Kelliher and ESPN’s Ariel Helwani, who’s actually Canadian, as the main culprits.

Moffitt isn’t wrong, any publicity is good publicity.