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DOC’s Diagnosis: Blame Vince McMahon for NXT’s “Failure”

What “went wrong” with NXT? Vince McMahon is what went wrong with NXT.

Let me rephrase that, Vince McMahon caring about what other wrestling companies were doing is what went wrong with NXT. 

Let me expand on that for a minute.  Vince McMahon is on the record as saying the WWE’s competition is everywhere and anywhere.  God damn pal, WWE is an entrainment company not a rasslin’ company! But that’s not true at all.  They’re a wrestling company masquerading as an entertainment company.  They always were, always will be.

So back to the original premise, Vince McMahon caring about other WRESTLING promotions and not his own brands is what went wrong for NXT. 

When the WWF was at its best, arguably the Hulkamania and the Attitude era’s, they didn’t care what anyone else was doing.  McMahon and company were so laser focused on their own brand that they didn’t care or even acknowledge what the AWA, WCCW, NWA, WCW, or whomever else was doing.  Seriously, you could watch WWF TV and not know other promotions were out there. 

But what about when WWF acknowledged WCW and the nWo?!? 

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DOC’s DIAGNOSIS: WWE is Making the Right Move with NXT

This is part I of a “Doc’s Diagnosis” triple feature on WWE’s NXT brand.

Vince McMahon and the WWE are making the right move with their “restructuring” of NXT whether you or I like it.

Let me slow it down on second, I love NXT. As a diehard ECW purist and a ROH original (before Sinclair), the NXT brand immediately produced the joy of those two brands brought me when watching a pro wrestling program. Because they were just that, pro wrestling.

And there lies the problem for Vince McMahon and WWE…they’re not a pro wrestling company. They haven’t been one since October 19, 1999. That’s the day the McMahon’s went public and became a full on entertainment brand.

So back to the original statement, Vince McMahon and the WWE are making the right move with the “restructuring” of NXT.

Why? Because they need to DEVELOP their own stars just like they did before.

Stop yelling at the screen! Yes, they did. Here are a few:

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WWE Cuts Continue, Focusing on NXT

Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp was the bearer of bad news to the WWE Universe on Friday night.

SRS unleashed a tweet storm of cuts that were made to WWE’s NXT brand. Some of the moves were so shocking that Sapp had to confirm that he wasn’t hacked. Oh and all of this occurred during the midst of SmackDown live on Fox.

Bobby Fish, Bronson Reed, Mercedes Martinez, and Leon Ruff are among the many cut that left a lot of fans shaking their heads.

Here’s the complete list:

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AEW Rampage in Chicago Sells Out in 15-Minutes

The headline says it all. AEW Rampage: The First Dance, a show that was just announced and has no card, sold out the United Center in 15-minutes.

Again, for the WWE fanboys in the basement, a show with no card, that was just announced in a city that has a major PPV coming, sold out the “Madhouse on Madison,” the home of the Blackhawks and Bulls, in 15-minutes.

Nope, clearly AEW isn’t competition to the WWE (insert sarcasm font).

Now Tony Khan and company have to deliver the goods. It’s LIKELY that CM Punk is going to debut for AEW at this show but it has to be a damn certainty or AEW will really piss off a lot of people.

AEW Sells 10,000-plus Tickets for Rampage: The First Dance

AEW will always have Jacksonville as it’s “home” but Chicago might be turning into their second city (yup). The brand is set to sell out their fourth show in the Windy City, a show that was just announced and is 2-weeks before a PPV-based trifecta.

Rumor has it someone might be showing up.

That’s not too shabby for a company that Vince NcMahon doesn’t consider competition. For AEW it might just be clobbering’ time.

Domino’s is Angry About Chris Jericho-Nick Gage Pizza Cutter Moment

Everyone knew there was going to be controversy when it was announced that death match wrestler Nick Gage would be taking on future hall of famer Chris Jericho at AEW’s Fight for the Fallen.

The two didn’t disappoint, Jericho took Gage’s signature pizza cutter spot on nation television.

Nick Gage slices Chris Jericho’s head with a pizza cutter. Screenshot: AEW on TNT

The spot, along with panes of glass and light tubes, was approved by TNT/Warner before they happened. So everything went as planned and approved.


Dynamite went to a commercial immediately following the pizza cutter spot…a Domino’s commercial.

You can’t make this shit up!

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3 Up 3 Down Pro Wrestling Edition: Trending Up

Welcome back to “3 Up 3 Down” our version of power rankings. Usually we here at save “3U3D” for the radio show or MMA but after the past week we need to start sprinkling some good ole fashion ‘rasslin’ into the mix!

Why now?

Well, unless you’re living under a rock you’re fully aware that live crowds have retuned to pro wrestling over the past few weeks. It’s been refreshing to say the least. No more bland and boring ThunderDome or Daily’s Place. Live people!

So without further ado here’s my “3 Up 3 Down” pro wrestling edition!

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AEW Outpacing WWE in NYC Ticket Sales

All Elite Wrestling’s New York City debut is already off to a fast start. According to WrestleTix (you should follow), AEW has sold approximately 8,500 pre-sale tickets for their September 22 show at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens.

The venue is current set for 16,500 fans with potential expansion to 19,000 if demand calls for it. It’s safe to say there’s a demand considering all the ringside and floor seats are gone.

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CM Punk is No Longer 0-2 in MMA

Congrats to CM Punk! News broke that the wrestling star turned MMA fighter is no longer 0-2 in his fledgling MMA career.

Punk lost a unanimous decision to Mike Jackson at UFC 255. As reported by MMA Junkie, that fight has been overturned due to a failed drug test by Jackson. Jackson tested positive marijuana changing the result to a “no contest.”

There ya go. Punk is no longer 0-2 in MMA.