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Amazon Showing “Serious Interest” in NFL Sunday Ticket

Amazon and the NFL are already in bed together but the action might get more exciting after the 2022 season. CNBC is reporting that Amazon is has shown “serious interest” in acquiring the rights to NFL Sunday Ticket.

The DirectTV contract expires at the end of the 2022 season and Amazon is already sniffing around. The package is worth an estimated $2.5 billion.

Amazon will being airing Thursday night football exclusively during the 2022 season. The conglomerate paid $1 billion for that package.

Stay tuned…

Report: UCF, Cincinnati File Application to Join Big 12

The Athletic is reporting that University of Central Florida and the University of Cincinnati have officially filed for Big 12 membership. Both schools have requested addition to the conference for the summer of 2023 according to the report. UCF, Cincinnati, and the Big 12 have not commented publicly on the report.

The potential additions of the Knights and Bearcats would be the first shoe to drop in the Big 12’s quest to stay relevant in college football’s “Power 5” structure. As we reported earlier, the Big 12 is looking at raiding the AAC in order to replace the SEC-bound Texas and Oklahoma. The Big 12 is also looking at BYU to solidify the remaining slot in the conference.

Houston and BYU are expected to file their application later this week and the Big 12 members are expected to rubber stamp their addition by the end of the week or early next week.

T.O. Wants to Fight Donovan McNabb…Yup, Really!

Pro Football Hall of Famer Terrell Owens just can’t seem to let go of his issues with former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb. The two famously led the Eagles to an appearance in Super Bowl XXXIX where T.O., on one leg, nearly propelled the Eagles to victory. McNabb infamously threw up, allegedly, on a pivotal drive that cost the Eagles their first Lombardi.

The following off-season their “relationship” went to hell. T.O. performed a workout in his Moorestown, NJ home after being sent home from training camp and was ultimately banished from the team. The Hall of Famer blames McNabb for his failed tenure as an Eagle. He’s still bitter and now he wants to fight “5.”

Via Club Shay Shay (yup) Podcast:

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MinshewMania Runnin’ Wild?!? Where Does Watson Go and NFC North Preview

Doc and Brett talk about the Eagles trade for Gardner Minshew and the immediate reaction from the Eagles fan base.  The drama surrounding Deshaun Watson might be coming to an end plus Scott Frost’s tenure at Nebraska has been a disaster, Big Ten games to watch, and a preview of the NFC North. 

  • The Bishop Sycamore story is unreal
  • Discussing the Eagles trade for Gardner Minshew
  • Cam Newton and other notable cuts in the NFL
  • Scott Frost’s tenure at Nebraska has been a disaster
  • Big Ten games to watch
  • NFC North Preview

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*Updated* Report: Big 12 Eyeing Three from The American and BYU for Expansion

Texas and Oklahoma’s move to the SEC is setting the table for a survival of the fittest contest between The American and the Big 12. One, the Big 12, is looking to stay at the adult table and the other, The American, is looking to upgrade from the kids table.

According to ESPN and The Athletic, the Big 12 is looking to strike first and snag Central Florida, Houston, and Cincinnati from The American. The Big 12 is also considering extending an invite to BYU, the largest independent not named Notre Dame.

Quantity over quality.

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Bishop Sycamore Players Make Allegations of Forced Theft, Inhumane Living Conditions, and Attempted Murder

Holy shit, this story about Bishop Sycamore is spiraling out of control!

A quick recap, Bishop Sycamore is the “high school” that duped ESPN and some of the most prestigious football programs in the nation into believing they were an actual program.  They’re sthick was outed after they lost 58-0 to IMG Academy and ESPN announcers had no idea who the kids were. It turns out the school doesn’t really exist, some players were 19 or 20-years old, coach Roy Johnson had an arrest warrant for fraud, potential players were told they were going to be on Netflix and the list goes on. 

The list really goes on and it now includes allegations of theft, inhumane living conditions, and potentially an attempted murder. 

Complex, link here & here, spoke with multiple players about the allegations:

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