New Big Ten Media Rights Deal Announced

The Big Ten has announced a new media rights deal, the conference announced on Thursday. The deal will begins on July 1, 2023 and run through 2029-30 season. In addition to the Big Ten Network, games will be featured on CBS, Fox, NBC, and Peacock.

The deal is worth a reported $7 BILLION for the length of the contract. Conference members will receive an estimated $80-$100 million a year.

Here are the details on the new broadcast schedule.

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Awsome, Baby! Dick Vitale Announces He’s Cancer Free

For the win, baby!

Legendary broadcast Dick Vitale has announced that he is cancer free. Vitale, 83, has battled melanoma and lymphoma over the past few years.

His scans have shown he is free from both. That’s awesome, baby!

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College Football Playoff to Breakaway from the NCAA?

While it should come as no surprise, the powers that be that make up the College Football Playoff (CFP) had discussions about leaving the NCAA.

ESPN’s Peter Thamel is reporting the 11 college presidents and chancellors who make up the CFP Board of Managers zoom’d on Monday. The topic, what’s next for the CFP and a potential breakaway from the NCAA.


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What We Know About EA Sports College Football Video Game So Far

The final countdown is on! We are—hopefully—less than 365-days away from the official return of college football to our gaming systems. After a 10-year hiatus, the newly christened EA Sports College Football is slated to return in late July 2023..

While fans rejoiced, the announcement has also been met with some trepidation.

The general consensus is EA Sports has let their football game development become unplayable garbage. For nearly 20-years, EA was developing two football properties, NCAA Football and Madden NFL Football.  Ask any dedicated fan and they will tell you the only relation between the two games was football and the developer.  NCAA Football was credited for being on the forefront of game play and special features.  On the other hand, Madden NFL Football was going downhill. 

People believed that in 2013, the last year EA Sports released NCAA Football before the NCAA pulled its license.  It’s only gotten worse therefore it’s only natural for fans to be concerned when news broke that College Football will be using the Madden game engine. 

Collective groans of 40-year olds aside, here’s what we know about the upcoming release of EA Sports College Football including the good, the bad, and the damn Madden game engine

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2022-23 Philadelphia 76ers Schedule Notes

The 2022-23 Philadelphia 76ers quest for an NBA championship will reportedly begin on October 18 against the Boston Celtics.

News of the Sixers opening night fracas in Boston comes a few days removed from James Harden‘s tweet about “Christmas in the Garden.”

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WOJ: Ben Simmons and Sixers Reach an Agreement on His Salary Grievance

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting the Sixers and Ben Simmons have reached a settlement agreement regarding Simmons’s salary grievance.

Simmons filed a grievance after the Sixers withheld nearly $20 million from the embattled former superstar. Simmons never played a game for the team during the 2021-22 season and was shipped to Brooklyn as part of the James Harden trade.

As Woj points out, the Sixers maintain Simmons violated his contract thus the docking of his pay.

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Eagles Trade JJAW to Seattle for Ugo Amadi

The J.J. ArcegaWhiteside era is officially over in Philadelphia. JJAW, the Birds second round pick in 2019, has been dealt to the Pacific Northwest for defensive back Ugo Amadi.

JJAW’s official Eagles stat line: 16 REC, 290 YDS, 1 TD, and countless special teams plays.

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Bryce Harper Takes BP, Timetable for His Return Revealed

Philadelphia Phillies designated hitter Bryce Harper took to Instagram to update fans on his status. Needless to say, Phillies fans will be fired up over the update.

Harper taking outdoor batting practice is the first step in his eventual return to the lineup. If all goes well, Harper will progress to “high velocity” hitting in the indoor cage, and then a minor league rehabilitation assignment. The target date for his return is “September-ish” according to NBC Sports Philadelphia’s Jim Salisbury.

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