What We Know About EA Sports College Football Video Game So Far

The final countdown is on! We are—hopefully—less than 365-days away from the official return of college football to our gaming systems. After a 10-year hiatus, the newly christened EA Sports College Football is slated to return in late July 2023..

While fans rejoiced, the announcement has also been met with some trepidation.

The general consensus is EA Sports has let their football game development become unplayable garbage. For nearly 20-years, EA was developing two football properties, NCAA Football and Madden NFL Football.  Ask any dedicated fan and they will tell you the only relation between the two games was football and the developer.  NCAA Football was credited for being on the forefront of game play and special features.  On the other hand, Madden NFL Football was going downhill. 

People believed that in 2013, the last year EA Sports released NCAA Football before the NCAA pulled its license.  It’s only gotten worse therefore it’s only natural for fans to be concerned when news broke that College Football will be using the Madden game engine. 

Collective groans of 40-year olds aside, here’s what we know about the upcoming release of EA Sports College Football including the good, the bad, and the damn Madden game engine

Yes, the game will be played using the Madden NFL Football game engine.  No it will not simply be a “reskin” of the latest Madden offering (which apparently really sucks).  While this is disappointing, NCAA Football’s gameplay was leaps and bounds better than Madden, it shouldn’t come as a surprise.  This is most likely a cost cutting move by EA to get the game out to market quicker.

That’s fine…for now.  It would be wise for EA to start working on slight tweaks to make the game more like its predecessor.

EA has been working with all FBS schools to retain the rights to unique team entrances, crowd cheers, uniforms, and in-stadium music. Those elements, which are missing from Madden, will be included in College Football. Additionally, 247Sports noted that ESPN personalities have been recording commentary for the game. 247Sports’ Brandon Marcello adds that “Dynasty” and “Road to Glory” modes will be included in the new release. The two game modes, particularly “Dynasty,” were considered “must haves” by fans.

Additionally, throwback helmets and uniforms will be available in the game (thank you, College Football Revamped guys!) however they won’t be immediately available for use. The player will have to compete in an “Ultimate Team” mode to unlock the uniforms and other special features.  “Ultimate Team” has become a staple in all of the EA sports properties.  

The game itself will be available on all next generation systems.  If you have a PS5, XBox One, XBox X, XBox S, and/or PC you will be able to play this game.  It’s not known if the game will be available on PS4 or Nintendo Switch.  

There are still a few hurdles EA Sports College Football needs to get over before making it to the endzone.  The largest hurdle is the name, image, and likeness monster.

The NIL, which was the cause for the decade-long drought to begin with, could prevent players from being able to customize teams.  It’s unknown if the NIL issue is being handled by the individual schools or conferences.  It’s something to keep an eye on as the kickoff date for EA Sports College Football draws closer.

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