College Football Playoff to Breakaway from the NCAA?

While it should come as no surprise, the powers that be that make up the College Football Playoff (CFP) had discussions about leaving the NCAA.

ESPN’s Peter Thamel is reporting the 11 college presidents and chancellors who make up the CFP Board of Managers zoom’d on Monday. The topic, what’s next for the CFP and a potential breakaway from the NCAA.


The wheels for a CFP break from the NCAA was put in motion earlier this year when playoff expansion failed. The desire to move from the current 4-team format to a 12-team format was shot down for various reasons including Power 5 infighting and issues from Group of 5 schools.

A split became further evident when Texas and Oklahoma announced they were heading to the SEC. Not to be out done, USC and UCLA left the PAC-12 for the Big Ten. The shift toward two to four “power” conferences became clearer.

It’s not a matter of “if” but rather “when.” The “when” will be driven strictly by TV and who is left standing when the TV deals are doled out.

Don’t expect any movement until at least 2026 when the CFP contract expires.

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