Sports Media: Big Ten Close to Media Rights Deal with Fox, CBS, & NBC

A B1G (pun intended) shoe is set to drop in the college sports media world. According to multiple reports, the Big Ten conference is poised to strike a media rights deal with Fox Sports, CBS, and NBC. The deal would end the conference’s 40-plus-year relationship with ESPN.

The deal is expected to be worth $1 BILLION annually.

Fox Sports being part of the deal should come as no surprise. The network already owns a stake in the Big Ten Network. The conference is featured prominently on Fox, FS1, and FS2, respectively.

CBS will use the Big Ten to fill the void created by the SEC’s move to ESPN. The Big Ten will reportedly take over the coveted 3:30 PM time slot on CBS. CBS will pay a reported $350 million for their portion of the media rights.

NBC will feature the Big Ten in prime time on Saturday’s, likely in conjunction with their Football Night in America production for the NFL. A back-to-back Saturday/Sunday prime time production was reported earlier this month.

The addition of NBC to the Big Ten media rights package has raised many questions. Notably, what does this mean for the University of Notre Dame?

The Irish and NBC gave been partners for decades. Notre Dame has long been sought after by the Big Ten and the Irish are reportedly looking for big TV dollars. There’s speculation the NBC-Big Ten deal could finally force the Irish to go “all in” on a conference.

Here’s a snapshot of a typical college football Saturday in a few years.

The deal is not yet official and there’s some questions as to what college hoops coverage will look like.

More as it becomes available.

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