Philadelphia Eagles are Worth $4.7 BILLION

Sportico unveiled their annual list of professional sports team valuations on Tuesday. The Philadelphia Eagles make the Top Ten of most valuable NFL franchises and the Top Fifteen of North American sports teams.

The Birds ranked ninth with a value of $4.7 billion. That’s BILLION, with a capital B.

Jeffrey Lurie bought the franchise from idiot Norman Braman in 1994 for a cool $185 million. That’s not a bad investment!

The Eagles also saw their value increase from the previous year. The Eagles value shot up 21% from 2021 to 2022.

The average NFL franchise valuation is now above $4 billion a year. The average team saw an 18% increase in year over prior.

Here’s how the NFL Top Ten breaks down:

Hey, congrats to the Dallas Cowboys! Youse finally won something!

Do yourself a favor and check out the complete article and related stories. Sportico has always done a tremendous job at breaking down the business of sports. What’s amazing is the sheer dollar volume the National Football League is able to generate.

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