Anthony Smith VS Ryan Spann

Main Event time! Here we go! Smith is an guy who will day in and day out give it his best shot all over the weight divisions. Smith is an polished fighter with his all around game. Spann has interesting loses against one name as in Alvey…..smh. I don‘t like Spann here and the wins are not the best to me. I want Smith who should out class Spann especially where he doesn’t have good cardio. I want Smith here who is more prepared for this fight.

Ion Cutelaba VS Devin Clark

The CO-Main event and I love this fight. Ion is an mental fighter who can hang with the best and get in his opponents head. Clark is an cardio machine and wants to stay in the fight with the hook punches that are powerful. I want Ion though who should prove himself here.

Nikolas Motta VS Cameron VanCamp

Not an bad fight. Motta is coming from DWCS, Motta is an heavy striking and will go out there throwing huge combos. VanCamp is an big fighter who throws lengthy punches and can submit but super slow on the feet. Motta is going to handle this fight and fast on the feet where he will pressure VanCamp here.

Mandy Böhm VS Ariane Lipski

Newcomer in Bohm against Lipski! Bohm is undefeated and has looked good in the regional scene in Germany where has good striking but decent grappling. Lipski hasn’t looked great and can’t handle there grappling aspect in her game at all which is scary because Bohm can out grapple her. Good fight for Bohm and give me a win her debut.

Christos Giagos VS Arman Tsarukyan

Weird fight. Tough fight for Giagos who Arman can piece up this fight in the grappling but can also strike with the best. Giagos has two gold victories in a row. Giagos isn’t on the same level as Arman which I think Arman is an class above…give me Arman.

Joaquin Buckley VS Antônio Arroyo

Great style fight on the feet. Buckley has powerful hands and throwing punches nonstop. He has had ups and downs but looking to get back into the rhythm of things. Arroyo is good on the feet but takedown defense isn’t there for him. I think Buckley will be more aggressive and think can handle this fight.

Tafon Nchukwi VS Mike Rodriguez

My boy Mike Rodriguez! I can’t wait to watch him fight. Tafon has nasty kicks and the striking is all his. Rodriguez is going to want to out wrestle him and has been working on it. Rodriguez wants to strike for sure and push him to the mat. I am biased but give me Rodriguez here.
Pannie Kianzad VS Raquel Pennington- Striking battle mostly. Pennington is an experienced fighter where the boxing is there compared to Pannie is a kicker where she has focused on the wrestling now but the striking is there. This is going to be a battle where Pennington is going to pressure her while Pannie will push her back with the kicks. Give me Pannie here who I think all around can get it done.

Nate Maness VS Tony Gravely

Good fight. Gravely is an grappler and that is his master skill In which he looked great especially with the hands. Maness has been on fire and comes up slow in fights but gets the job done. Maness has good hands but not the greatest of grappling compared to Gravely plus he has more experience. Good fight like I said above and it will come down to the mat where I want Tony boy.

Dakota Bush VS Zhu Rong

Interesting fight where Bush will have to figure out the cardio issue. Rong is young and has a ton of experience trying to build his resume. Rong is an finisher and yes the debut of his didnt look the greatest but I like him more compared to the ton of question marks with Bush. I am liking Rong here who should be able to carve up Bush.

Montel Jackson VS JP Buys

Like this fight a ton. Jackson on the feet has massive reach and the hands are powerful. Buys physically doesn’t have near the size compared to Jackson. Buys will want to get Jackson to the back of the cage fast because that is his path to victory. Jackson should able to piece up Buys in the striking aspect but but but can Buys out wrestle Jackson? Good fight and it will come to who is better in their game.

Erin Blanchfield VS Sarah Alpar

And here we go! Blanchfield is the newbie coming into this fight against Alpar the older fighter. Alpar on the feet looks sketchy to me and don‘t like the stance despite her good skills on the mat. Blanchfield is the newbie but has great skills on the mat also and putting in that work. She has good striking and think she shows up in her debut here.
Impa Kasanganay VS Carlston Harris- Big fight. Harris has massive experience compared to Impa which that may show here. Harris is an grappling and will get anyone down to the mat. Impa has a a decent chin compared to what people think because that one shot he got from Buckley would hit anyone. Impa will get fighters to the back of the cage and go striking to the body with the power. Good fight for Harris but I think Impa will take over with the striking power.

Gustavo Lopez VS Heili Alateng

Not a bad fight overall. Lopez has fought against great fighters and the resume has a few loses but look at the fighters he has fought. Alateng is an all around fighter who is trying to make a name for him. This is an super close fight and I am liking Lopez slightly more based on the resume.

Emily Whitmire VS Hannah Goldy

First fight of the night. Goldy was slow to start in her last fight and was unexpected to be honest. Goldy has potential but the striking needs to be cleaned up, but she has takedown offense that is in play. Whitmire has good grappling that needs to be accounted for but the defense of it is not the greatest. Whitmire has the more comfortable stance with the striking but Goldy should take care of business here If the motivation is there.

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