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Derek Brunson V Darren Till

The Main Event! Here we goooo! Till is wild and a great striker that it is hard to catch what he is doing. Brunson is slow on the feet but on a winning streak here. Brunson mentally needs to get in check in which Tilll will pick him apart if he catches him while Brunson doesn’t show up. Brunson is gonna go for takedowns but Till will tear him up…give me Till!

Tom Aspinall VS Sergey Spivak

Co-Main Event! Great heavyweight fight overall! Aspinall is light on the feet and has good grappling that is sneaky to me compared to his striking. Spivak is gonna go for the takedown which is his game while Tom is gonna finally have his true test on the grappling aspect. Great fight overall and tough fight here.

David Zawada VS Alex Morono-

Good fight. Morono is coming off a big win under his belt against Cowboy. He Is a good striker and can move in or out especially with grappling. Zawada is an grappler mainly and on the mat can get any fight done. Morono will mainly want to strike Zawada which is going to be key. Give me Morono who I think is better all around talented fighter here.

Khalil Rountree VS Modestas Bukauskas-

Interesting fight matchup. Rountree who is talented fighter who will go out there throwing all sorts of punches while Buk will try to style the same way. Buk has decent loses and is an striker that yes will want to style but throws slow compared to Rountree that is super fast to the punches. This is a super close fight to me because of the quick punches of Rountree but Buk can combat it which that is the weakness of Rountree.

Luigi Vendramini VS Paddy Pimblett

Oh man! It is Paddy time! Paddy is an major fighter who has wanted this chance for awhile while Luigi has looked good for now in the UFC but has fought lower ranked fighters. Paddy is an talented fighter who can do it all with his striking and grappling! Paddy I think has the better style and solid fighter who should out work Luigi.

Ji Yeon Kim VS Molly McCann-

Female fight! McCann is a talented fighter that has good hands that is nasty, but the defense is questionable especially in the grappling defense. Kim has looked up and down fighting easy opponents. Not really a great fight to me overall and just a wash…if needed to pick it would be Kim to exploit McCanns grappling holes.

Jack Shore VS Liudvik Sholinian

– Shoreeeee who is undefeated while Sholinian is coming from Ultimate Fighter who is an major grappler but but but so is Shore. Shilolinian will want to get it done with grappling but Shore will easily compete with it. Shore is an class above Sholinian and he does have the striking advantage also. Give me Shore here.

Charles Jourdain VS Julian Erosa

Interesting fight by far. Jourdain is an striker and explosive hands in his division where he is mainly a kickboxer. Erosa is a guy who fighters aren’t used to his style…plus side people aren’t ready for it but on the negative side his hands are low. I think Jourdain styles on him with his striking and takes over.

Dalcha Lungiambula VS Marc-André Barriault-

Love this fight and super power heavy fighters. Andre will use all types of forces of punches to get the job done here. Lung fought up in an division last fight and physical fighter that will throw bombs. The only thing that worries me is his cardio against Andre who will have more of an gas tank. I like Andre here who should get the job done in the later rounds and have a better chin overall.

Jonathan Martinez VS Marcelo Rojo-

First fight of the night, Martinez has talent and didnt look bad in his last loss. Martinez is an talented striker and now facing Rojo who has some upside that is aggressive. Rojo has fought good fighters and will get in the face of Martinez but he has good counter punches. Give me Martinez here overall.

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