Texas and Oklahoma’s move to the SEC is setting the table for a survival of the fittest contest between The American and the Big 12. One, the Big 12, is looking to stay at the adult table and the other, The American, is looking to upgrade from the kids table.

According to ESPN and The Athletic, the Big 12 is looking to strike first and snag Central Florida, Houston, and Cincinnati from The American. The Big 12 is also considering extending an invite to BYU, the largest independent not named Notre Dame.

Quantity over quality.

The American isn’t sitting by quietly but the specter of 2004-2005 is eerily hanging around. The former Big East lost three members, Miami, Virgina Tech, and Boston College, to the ACC kicking off a decade of chaos in college football. The Big East/The American would go on to lose Syracuse, Pittsburgh (ACC) and Rutgers (Big Ten) thus ending any quest for “power” status.

The American has reportedly been looking at raiding the remaining teams from the Big 12 and also potentially adding schools such as Army and Liberty. Chances of getting the remaining Big 12 schools to commit to less television revenue and more travel seems like a long shot. Looooong shot.

The view from New Jersey, Big Ten country, is that this match is the Big 12’s to lose. The rumored additions will fit the conference well and make the most sense in this crazy world of college football. Not only is The American not going to move to the big table, they might actually be shown the door like the weird uncle that only shows up on holidays.

*** Update: ESPN is reporting that BYU, Cincinnati, UCF, and Houston are going to file for membership to the Big 12 as early as next week ***

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