The NHL unveiled their 2021-22 health and safety protocols and they’re not very friendly towards unvaccinated players.

Unvaccinated players will be able to do…looks at list…nothing. Unvaccinated NHL players are going to be able to do just about nothing.

Here’s the breakdown of rules as obtained by ESPN:

General Unvaccinated Protocols
  • Prohibited from carpooling
  • Prohibited from using saunas
  • Encouraged not to eat or drink on team flights
  • Encouraged not to attend bars or clubs at home
  • Encouraged not to eat indoors, even in their home, with people outside of their home or personal bubble
Unvaccinated Protocols on the Road
  • Prohibited from going anywhere but the team hotel, practice facility, and arena
  • Prohibited use of the hotel bar, restaurant’s, gym, or pool
  • Prohibited from having teammates or visitors in their rooms (sorry puck bunnies)

So, yeah, unvaccinated players can’t do anything.

Teams and the league will also be able to suspend unvaccinated players who are “unable to participate in club activities” whether that is due to a positive case, exposure, or inability to travel due to government restrictions. A player that falls into any of those categories will be forced to forfeit a days pay for each day missed.

The teams and league will make exceptions due to valid medical or religious exemptions. Additionally, the teams and league will not suspended a player if they’re deemed to have caught or been exposed to COVID during the course of employment.

Unvaccinated players will be forced to endure mandatory testing and potential quarantines. The memo notes that the “vast majority” of player are vaccinated.

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