In 2019 Wawa was hacked and put millions of peoples data at risk. Now they’re trying to make good on their mistake by offering you a gift card for your troubles.

No seriously, Wawa wants to settle buy giving you a $5 or $15 gift card.

I guess that’s why there was no “HoagieFest” this year.

Here’s the deal, depending on your level of fraud you qualify for a $5 or $15 gift card. If you really had your shit stolen the goose will pay you up to $500 cash.

The Inquirer does a nice job of breaking down who qualifies for what and what you need to prove you were part of the breach. Hopefully you’re one of those psycho’s that keep every receipt a la George Costanza.

That’s a lot of receipts

Why gift cards? Because you’ll spend it at a Wawa.

If they really wanted to make good they could throw in a free coffee, return to the classic deli, and bring back their old school roast beef sandwich. But I guess that’s too much to ask.

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