We’re happy to announce that Cody Cook has joined the In The Fight team as one of our MMA analysts! You might know him from the world of daily fantasy sports as DProdigy! He’s dropping tips, props, & plays all day on his twitter so be sure to give him a follow! – DOC

Jared Cannonier VS Kelvin Gastelum- The Main Event! What a great story for Cannonier in the MMAgame. Kelvin is an great striker and very crafty. Cannonier has big striking and has been all over the weight classes. I think Cannonier shows up for this fight and comes out with an bang.

Clay Guida VS Mark O. Madsen- The CO- Main! Guida the legend against Madsen who is an wrestler that can tear you to pieces. Madsen has great ground and pound where he has massive power. Guida is an legend with amazing fight IQ who doesn’t give up at all in his fights. He is an vet in the game where he is gonna try to take the upper hand over Madsen. Super close fight to me.

Chase Sherman VS Parker Porter- Bigggg fight! Porter looked great last fight especially with the cardio aspect. Sherman was handled by the GOAT Alexander where it showed in his defense. I think Porter can exploit Shermans holes again.

Vinc Pichel VS Austin Hubbard- Vince is an legend in the game and has been inactive but he has been coaching. The veteran in him in nasty on the feet and grappling. Hubbard on the other hand doesn’t have the best grappling defense. This is an super close fight where I think despite the cardio in Hubbard, it is hard to pass up on Vinc who has the better crafty game.

Alexandre Pantoja VS Brandon Royval- Great fight. This will be a banger! Royval has been on fire and not stepping down here. He has great cardio and hands in which this is where the edge is…the cardio where Pantoja tends to fade in round 3. Pantoja has great hands and nasty kicks but it is just that cardio buffer that scares me. I have to go with Royval here.

Luis Saldaña VS Austin Lingo- Starting off, Saldana against Griffin….should not have won that fight but that is besides the point. Lingo will need to get in his face and mix up his hands here with his great hands. I think Lingo will be able to push the pace here and try to close the distance. As much as I think Lingo is an live dog, Saldana has the better class and kicks to get Lingo off his game.

Brian Kelleher VS Domingo Pilarte- Boom boy! Kelleher is an submission machine with also having knockout power, all around fighter who has the skills to do good even though the resume doesn’t reflect that. Pilarte has an great reach advantage but Kelleher should be able to handle this fight against an lower level opponent.

Bea Malecki VS Josiane Nunes- Interesting fight. Nunes is coming from the regional scene and making her debut here. Malecki is not the greatest fighter who in her wins isn’t deserving these easy wins. Nunes is an striker compared to Malecki the grappler. Tough fight to analyze but I think the edge will be in Nunes favor who is more motivated to me to get this win.

William Knight VS Fabio Cherant- Knight!!! Great fight. Cherant is coming from DWCS and trying to earn his shot again in the UFC. Knight is an monster on the feet and is built like a machine. Knight is more so an striker compared to grappler. Knight should handle this fight with ease and adding him as an parlay piece.

Roosevelt Roberts VS Ignacio Bahamondes- Here we go! Igancio is an tall fighter with good range but this won‘t help him because of Roberts having amazing range. Roberts worries me with his mental game where he is making mistakes that shouldn’t happen. Ignacio is an young fighter where I think he is mentally more prepared…give me the guy with the better mentally game in Ignacio.

Ramiz Brahimaj VS Sasha Palatnikov- Really like this matchup! Sasha is an all around talented fighter who can handle business. He is an good striker and has good cardio also which you like to see. Ramiz has been super and down especially in his UFC debut. Ramiz is an takedown artist but looked scared going for it which means I am scared of his betting line. I like Sasha here as the underdog in this first fight of the night!

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