Veteran MMA journalist Karim Zidan does a fantastic job cataloging the idiots in the world of MMA that are buying into the QAnon conspiracy bullshit. We highly suggest that you read his article on the subject. One of those idiots, Pompton Lakes, NJ resident and former MMA fighter Scott “Wildman” Fairlamb (0-1) was arrested for “allegedly” being involved in the January 6th attack. Fairlamb, who lost his only professional MMA fight by submission at Ring of Combat 31, pled not guilty to the charges however he was denied bail.

Why was he denied bail you ask? Maybe it was because of the irrefutable evidence that would come out against Fairlamb.

Here’s that evidence:

In addition to the mayhem Fairlamb created in the video, the New Jersey resident was very vocal on his social media accounts spewing QAnon based falsehoods. He allegedly told someone via messenger that he would “do it again” referencing his role in the attack. He’s currently facing 12 charges pertaining to his role in the January 6 attack including entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds with a deadly weapon.

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