“Prepare yourself for the worst, and the best will always happen.” Words of the great philosopher Tito Ortiz…and we’re sure someone else. But fine words to live by especially considering the current environment we live in. Dana White is doing just that as he searches for backup fighters in case of an issue with Dustin Poirier or Conor McGregor but no one is stepping to the plate.

“I’m actually looking for someone right now to be the backup on that card,” White told Bleacher Report’s Tom Taylor. “Nobody’s jumping out. Nobody’s kicking down my door.”

It’s a tough ask for a fighter to get ready for a fight that might not ever come but in this case it’s certainly necessary for the UFC. UFC 264 will be the first “full-capacity” event for the UFC in Las Vegas since the Coronavirus pandemic began and ensuring a fight is of the utmost importance for White.

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