AEW’s Tony Khan joined SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio and announced that All Elite Wrestling and WarnerMedia will be making changes to their current television deal. Beginning in 2022, AEW Dynamite will shift from TNT to TBS, AEW will premier a new one-hour program, Rampage, on TNT, and TNT will host four quarterly “special” shows similar to the old WCW Clash of the Champions.

The move comes on the heels of WarnerMedia’s acquisition of the NHL which airs it’s key programming on Wednesday nights. In addition to the third hour of programming, AEW will receive an undisclosed amount of compensation for the move.

Early speculation by fans that this deal was a loss for AEW should be put to bed. TBS currently reaches more homes, approximately 91-million, than it’s counterpart TNT, 89-million homes. TBS was also the traditional home for professional wrestling on the Turner Networks particularly in the 6:05 Saturday timeslot. The move will also allow AEW to run programming without being preempted for other sporting events.

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