As a longtime listener to Sirius XM’s Busted Open Radio I eagerly waited for the start of the Monday show to hear what Dave LaGreca and Bully Ray were going to say about WWE’s WrestleMania Backlash. I fully expected Bully to explode on WWE’s zombie angle but what I, and the rest of the Busted Open Nation, were treated to was an epic LaGreca rant.

Take a look and listen for yourself:

Nothing that LaGreca said was wrong. WWE pulled back the curtain a long time ago and presented the product in a different light. As fans we were told to ignore the goofy characters and embrace “attitude.” You can’t undo Pandora’s box and go back to the 1980’s. It doesn’t work anymore.

What’s worse is the talent in the ring, Damien Priest, Miz, and Morrison, are some outstanding workers. They deserved better. They deserved an opportunity to showcase what they could do. It’s a shame they couldn’t just let them WRESTLE.

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