Someone needs to help Diego Sanchez before it’s too late. Seriously, this is getting downright scary at this point. The video below came out of Sanchez’s “trainer” Joshua Fabia forcing Sanchez to hang upside down and take a physical beating.


Fabia, who runs the School of Self Awareness gym, slaps and kicks Sanchez upside the head…WHILE HE”S UPSIDE DOWN! But apparently it’s all part of the plan according to Fabia. At least that’s what he told Mike Swick back in March.


Sanchez was recently released from the UFC after he and Fabia threatened to sue the promotion. Fabia has stated that Sanchez is starting to suffer from CTE but here he is KICKING HIM THE HEAD WHILE UPSIDE DOWN! Someone please get Diego Sanchez some help before it’s too late.

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