PW Insider is reporting that WWE has selected Sunday, August 22 for SummerSlam. While the date is penciled in the venue is still up in the air. The speculation is that WWE will look for a larger venue on the West Coast for the annual summer spectacular. SummerSlam was slated for Boston in 2020 and moved to the WWE ThunderDome due to the pandemic.

Boston gets the shaft this year too which is interesting considering that major Northeast cities are moving towards full re-openings. Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut have announced that there will no longer be “caps” on outdoor attendance. Sucks for Beantown.

It was previously reported that WWE was targeting SummerSlam for the company’s return to the road. There was some speculation that the date could be pushed forward, both for the event and the return to touring, with rumors that AEW was looking to hit the road in July. AEW confirmed their return to the road beginning July 7 in Miami. It will be interesting to see if the WWE holds steady or they jump back on the road before SummerSlam.

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