Everyone loves a good soap opera. My show of choice was always Days of our Lives but the drama between celebrity boxer Jake Paul and mixed marital arts is quickly climbing the ranks.

Quick rehash, Jake Paul has called out Dana White, Nate Diaz, Tyrone Woodley,Daniel Cormier, Kamaru Usman, and countless others. It’s almost always on social media, usually Twitter and Instagram.

Things came to a head at UFC 261 when Paul crashed the event. Daniel Cormier left his announce position and confronted the YouTuber.

Cormier explained what happened on DC & Helwani, his aptly named podcast with Ariel Helawani.

“I’m going to torture him. I’m going to hurt him. I don’t want to box him. I don’t want to fight in a limited set of rules. If you really want to fight me, fight me in a mixed martial arts competition.

I’m going to rip his face apart. I’m going to hurt the kid. I will teach these kids not to continue to do this with people like me — athletes. Ariel, I will hurt this kid. … I’m gonna choke him, I’m gonna elbow him, I’m gonna hurt him.

My name will not be used as a springboard. I love my legacy and i will protect my legacy. And if protecting my legacy means I gotta slap this kid upside his head, that’s what I’ll do.

Daniel Cormier on DC & Helwani via ESPN’s Marc Raimondi

Here’s the thing, this fight will never happen and nor should it. What the hell does Daniel Cormier gain from fighting a guy like Jake Paul? Nothing. That’s the answer.

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