Welcome back to “3 Up 3 Down” our version of power rankings! In case you missed it, check out the “3 Up” from IMPACT Rebellion here. Now on to the “3 Down.”

IMPACT! Wrestling

Hear us out for a second, what exactly is IMPACT! Wrestling getting from their working relationship with AEW?  It’s not to say we don’t like the inter-promotion rivalry but what rub is IMPACT getting from it?  It’s not more TV time for their stars unless you’re Gallows and Anderson.  The brand has been portrayed as second class and cheap by Tony Kahn and AEW in promos and “paid for” vignettes.  And now their champion is on another show.  Maybe we should just take a deep breathe and see how it all plays out but right now this “relationship” has been all one way. 

IMPACT! Wrestling Announce Team

Look it’s hard to compete with a guy like Mauro Ranallo.  Ranallo is just on a different level and offers something so special every time he sits behind a microphone.  Matt Striker and D-Lo Brown are a really good pair behind the mic but it’s just hard to compete with the energy of a guy like Ranallo.  It will be interesting to see how the announcer situation pans out of IMPACT! Wrestling over the next few weeks and months.

The Good Brothers

Ah you win some, you lose some.  Gallows and Anderson were on the winning side of the night with Don Callis and Kenny Omega but they were unable to defeat FinJuice to regain the IMPACT! Wrestling tag titles.  Plus, it was really hard to find someone else to put in this spot so here they are.  Any other ideas? Drop us a line on Twitter, IG, or Facebook!

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