Jake Paul has been getting called out by a lot of different personalities since his controversial win over Ben Askren last Saturday. Add MTV’s The Challenge star Darrell Taylor to the list.

Darrell, 41, had the following to say about Paul on the “Watch With US: Challenge Edition” podcast from US Weekly:

“I just feel like they’re making a mockery out of boxing. Boxing saved my life. When I was younger — I was 21. I was drinking, smoking weed every day, getting fat, getting out of shape. I was like, ‘You know what? I’m going to go to the boxing gym,’” he shared. “My uncle used to box when I was younger. I tried it, I dabbled with it for two summers, but never competed. So I trained for four months, the Golden Gloves were coming. It was the novice. I jumped in and got second place. The next year, I won the open. So the fact that he’s saying he’s a great boxer and all this, I think it just really kinda messes with me a little bit. I feel like he’s disrespecting boxing. He’s gassing himself up way too much. So when I see this and he’s saying, ‘Who should [I] fight next?’ Well, why don’t you fight somebody who knows what it’s like to be in the ring?”

Sign us up for this! If you’re going to have Jake Paul running around flapping his gums let’s at least make his fights about entertainment.

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