That headline is a lot to take in!

UFC announced that they will stream UFC 261 live on Twitch exclusively with hosts Steve-O, CM Punk, and Jens Pulver. The stream will start at 9 PM/E with the final bouts on the preliminary card and roll into the main card.


“UFC is always looking for new ways to engage our fans in a meaningful, dynamic way,” said David Shaw, Senior Vice President of International and Content. “Through Twitch, UFC is creating a second screen experience designed to feel like a fun watch party. Fans can experience one of our biggest events with influencers in real-time, as if they’re sitting in the same room.”

The Twitch stream will feature special interviews, analysis, and real-time reactions to the fights. Punk currently serves as the color commentator for CFFC which airs on UFC Fight Pass and Pulver has a storied career in the world of MMA. Steve-O is known for being a jackass.

Proceeds from the Twitch stream will benefit the American Caner Society.

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