This one came out of the blue or it least it seems like it did. Daniel Bryan gave a lengthy interview with BT Sport where he discussed his WrestleMania 37 match, his storyline going into the show of shows, and what does his future in WWE look like.

We highly suggest watching the interview below:

Some of the finer take-a-ways from the interview:

Bryan’s “out of body-like” experience:

“It was really bizarre. Just really, really bizarre… It’s taken me, it’s been nine days now since it happened, and it’s taken me time to fully process what the experience was like because it wasn’t like a normal thing. It was really weird. I felt very – like out of body in it. It was so weird.

On thoughts about his future:

“So it was interesting, it was like maybe it’s a sign that this is the time to let go of being a full-time wrestler, which is kind of what I’ve been thinking for a while.”

On his WWE contractual status:

“My contract’s actually up relatively soon, so I don’t know. I’m still trying to figure out what I’m doing with my life.”

Bryan has mentioned his intent to leave a full-time schedule in past interviews but this seems to put some focus on the immediate nature of that type of move.

The real question is would WWE allow Bryan to simply leave when his contract is up or will they do everything in their power to make him talent friendly part-time offer.

h/t Cageside Seats (must read) for the quote transcription

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