Sorta. CM Punk sorta responded to IWGP World Heavyweight Champion Will Ospreay’s challenge.

If you missed it, Will Ospreay “called out” CM Punk during his press conference after winning the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship.

“Before I was champion, a man who sparked a whole lot of interest in pro wrestling, CM Punk said he’d like to face Will Ospreay…Now I have the biggest prize in pro wrestling, so if you really want to prove you were the best in the world and not the best of a bad bunch, come over here and try to take this.”

Will Ospreay, IWGP World Heavyweight Champion

Punk spoke with Digital Spy to promote his upcoming film Jakob’s Wife and responded to Ospreay’s challenge…sorta:

“I don’t want to give people false hope in answering Ospreay. But he’s for sure somebody that I’ve never wrestled before that interests me a lot more than, I guess the corporate side of professional wrestling nowadays…

New and different things are going to interest me more than doing the same old, same old. I always need new goals…

Let’s see if he has it {IWGP World Heavyweight Championship} at the end of summer and then ask me the question again.”

CM Punk via Digital Spy

So there it is. Punk has answered Ospreay’s challenge…sorta.

Stay tuned.

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