YouTube star Jake Paul is…something else.  Give the guy credit for being able to make millions of dollars doing whatever it is he’s doing and stirring up the combat sports world at the same time.  The kid knows how to market himself to a specific fan base. 

For those who might’ve missed it and judging by the experts that’s at least half of Paul’s alleged viewers, Paul improved to 3-0 in his professional boxing career with a win over former MMA fighter and first-time boxer Ben Askren.  The fight was stopped in the first in controversial fashion.

But did he really sell 1.5 million pay-per-view’s and draw $75 million in revenue for Triller Fight Club?  That’s what the controversial pugilist is claiming on his Instagram.


But like Triller’s numbers, the numbers Paul is claiming are likely inflated too.

Bloody Elbow’s John Nash, who is tied into the financial aspect of combat sports, tweeted the following late Sunday regarding Paul’s claim.

It looks like we can put the idea of Jake Paul having Mike Tyson-like drawing power to bed.

We will have more on Triller Fight Club and the Jake Paul-Ben Askren fight this Thursday on Sportanarium Radio.  Show airs 5 PM/East | 10 PM/UK on!

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